Spirit of Fire and Water
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"Iron Horse & I" Spirit of
Fire & Water
Where Strangers
Once Stepped Down
Stories by
James Burke
James Burke
James Burke, photographer and historian, specializing in historic railroad imagery.
Collections (cards, prints, books)
"Spirit of Fire and "Water" - Evocative photography of the historic Durango & Silverton steam railroad.
"Iron Horse & I" - personal experiences tracking steam from the 1940s to the present.
"Where Strangers Once Stepped Down" - Imagery of old depots in North America (US & Canda), many now gone.
"Disappearing America" - Photo essay of vanishing way of life.
Historic photographs - Action and still shots from the roundhouse in Durango to the end of the line in Silverton.

If you love steam. I've got lots of material to share.

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"Spirit of Fire and Water" may be pre-ordered. Release in 2011.

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